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Recently, opportunities to see foreigners in Tomakomai have increased.
As a reason why foreigners visit Tomakomai City,

· It is close to the airport and there are abundant means of transportation such as ferries.
· Bullet train opened between Tokyo and Hakodate
· The city is setting up the acceptance of foreign tourists.

And so on.

However, I feel that it is rare to see notations of foreign languages at restaurants and sightseeing spots, and foreigners who have visited Tomakomai City from there are few salespersons who can speak foreign languages and foreign language expressions We made a hypothesis that it might be troubled in various scenes, such as not being so much.

So I decided to create a web page that explains in Tomakomai City restaurants and sightseeing spots in foreign languages for such foreigners.

We created a questionnaire survey in cooperation with Tomakomai International Exchange Salon Gouru World and Mr. Komazawa University.
In the case of

As a result, there were many opinions of the ocean station Pluto Minato market · ion · COCOTOMA - cocotoma.
In addition, there are opinions such as Tomakomai Science Center · Utonai Lake Sanctuary Nature Center · Samsung Co.,
Based on this result we decided to post introductions of these shops to HP.
(Ocean Station Pluto Minato Market, COCOTOMA - Cocotoma -, Tomakomai Science Center,
Utonai Lake Sanctuary Nature Center, Samsung Co., Ltd.)

About the inconvenience, about 40% of the opinion that the Japanese is unknown occupies it.
In order to improve this opinion even slightly, along with introducing the store, for each store and shop where there are clerks who can speak a foreign language
I studied correspondence etc. to foreigners who do not understand Japanese and posted it on the homepage.

Approximately 30% accounted for the hot springs and the bustle of the city as many opinions.
Besides this, there is an opinion called a Japanese course, and as with the previous survey on "inconvenience", we found from this survey that many people are in trouble due to language differences.

(Existing H28 years)